500W Luminous Solar Complete System (1100VA)

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Complete Luminous Brand System with 1100VA Solar Inverter, 150AH Solar Battery, 3 x 160 watts Solar Panels, GI Structure including complete accessories as per standard. Including ✔  Tax, ✔Transportation, ✔ Installation. ( ✖ No Hidden Charges).

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500W-1100VA Luminous Solar System:

500W Luminous Solar Off-Grid System is a complete Solar COMBO with Solar Panels, Solar Inverter, Solar Battery, Structure, Wires, Nut-Bolts and Complete Accessories to run your basic load of your home, business, school etc. You can see the working of this solar system here (link).

Area Required: 6 Square Meter.
Load Capacity: 600 Watt.

Recommended Load: 
* 4 LEDs 2 Fan 1 Computer
* 4 LEDs 2 Fan 1 LED TV
* 400W any type of Load

Backup Time:

Load Back-up
400 watt 4 hours
200 watt 8 hours
100 watt 12 hours

List of Equipment:

Item Qty x Size
Solar Panel 3 x 160 watts
Solar Battery 1 x 150 AH
Solar Inverter 1 x 1100VA
Structure GI (3 Panels)
DC Wire Meter 30 x 4 SQM
Connectors 3 x Y Connector

✔ Including complete kit accessories as per standard.
✔ Including Tax, Transportation (Delhi NCR), Installation.
✖ No Hidden Charges.

Technical Specifications:

Solar Panel Specifications:

Make Luminous
Model POLY160W12V
Wattage 160 Watts
Volt 12 Volt
Warranty* 25 Years

Solar Battery Specifications:

Make Luminous
Model LPTT12150H
Rating 150 AH
Volt 12 Volt
Type Lead Acid TT
Warranty 5 Years

Solar Inverter Specifications:

Make Luminous
Model NXG1400
Rating 1100VA
Volt 12V
Warranty 2 Years



Luminous Solar

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